HAP on your own server and still upgradable.

One Command Docker Deployment,
Customizable Performance Settings,
Free community edition,
Open-source frontend,
Seamless OTA upgrades

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  • Easy Installation

    Simple and fast download and installation process, can be deployed within 20 minutes.

  • Docker

    Efficient deployment through Docker.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Data managed autonomously, resources controllable.

  • Multi-cloud

    Operable on local customer environments and any cloud computing platform.

  • Cluster Expansion

    Supports cluster expansion and operational automation.

  • Open-source Frontend

    Enjoy the limitless freedom of APaaS.

  • OTA/Cloud Upgrades

    Cloud download update packages, one-click upgrade.

  • Multi-tenancy

    Supports multiple tenants and custom performance parameters.

  • High Availability

    High concurrency and high availability design.

  • Large Scale Data

    Supports over ten million records in a single table, infinitely scalable.

  • Toolbox

    Comes with operational tools (monitoring, alerts, backups, etc.).

  • Visual Composition

    A fully visual application building platform.

  • Flexible Adjustment

    Flexible views, roles, and permission combinations.

  • Automation

    IFTTT mode of automatic workflows.

  • Application Library

    A constantly enriched library of ready-made application templates.

Quick Installation

Choose from four methods to experience or deploy the private version based on your scenario.
  • Cloud Marketplace

    Deploy on your own cloud servers, supporting Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

    Get Started
    Get Started
  • Manual Installation

    Deploy in local environments with a 15-minute rapid offline setup, supports pure intranet operations and OTA upgrades.

  • Try on SaaS

    Quickly explore product features with consistent functionality, no operational barriers, available immediately upon registration.

    Try Free
    Try Free

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the main security features of Nocoly HAP Server?
    Nocoly HAP Server offers comprehensive security measures to ensure data safety and system integrity. These include RSA asymmetric algorithm for encrypted transmission of login credentials, customizable two-step verification, support for HTTPS, IP whitelisting, multi-domain access strategies, and AES encryption for sensitive information in the database.
  • How does Nocoly HAP Server facilitate application development and integration?
  • Can Nocoly HAP Server be customized to meet specific business requirements?
  • What support and services are available for clients of Nocoly HAP Server?
  • How does Nocoly HAP Server support integration with other software applications?

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