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Why Partner with Nocoly

Nocoly HAP partners enjoy a low-threshold technology platform, rapid delivery capabilities, and diverse profit opportunities, meeting the security needs of various industries.
  • Modernization of Tech Stack

    By adopting HAP, Partners will own a full set of technology advantages, that includes distributive data storage, cloud native architecture, capability modularization and streaming computing. All these are essential capability when servicing major accounts.
  • Dramatic Saving of Fulfillment Cost

    Partners don’t have to spend much on expensive DevOps talents because of HAP’s No Code design. Applications fulfillment cost is usually 1/10 of traditional way.
  • Diversified Value Adding Opportunities

    From application customization, data integration, to vertical solutions; from consulting, implementation to talent training, Our partners own lots of ways to add value.
  • Flexible Pricing Schema

    Nocoly offers both SaaS and Server version of HAP. Pricing structure is simple and friendly to most of partner business. Our commerce toolbox includes Platform Licensing, OEM option and even revenue sharing.

Diversified Ways of Value Adding

  • Customized Application

    Partners use HAP to customize and implement enterprise applications for customers, solving specific business problems.
  • Vertical Solutions

    Partners develop solutions for specific industries based on HAP, combining other technologies to provide comprehensive services.
  • Consultation Solution Implementation

    Consulting partners digitalize their consultation solutions through HAP, thus optimize their business models and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Training of Citizen Developers

    Provide customized training for enterprises who adopted HAP as citizen development platform
  • OEM Product Integration

    Integrate HAP into proprietary products to achieve a more competitive product offering, utilizing private deployment or multi-tenant SaaS solutions.

Services for Partners

  • Training and Empowerment

    Nocoly HAP empowers partners with comprehensive support, from product training and POC validation to business opportunity allocation and joint marketing efforts, all underpinned by our ‘partners first’ principle. We’re dedicated to ensuring partners’ success through personalized training, ensuring customer needs are met, actively providing a wealth of inbound leads, and offering extensive marketing support to highlight our collaborative achievements.

  • Product Fine-tuning

    Nocoly HAP champions flexibility and innovation through its plug-in architecture for custom component development, open-source frontend for tailored user experiences, and seamless application embedding options. This enables partners to create and exchange unique solutions in the application market, customize freely under the Openweb architecture, and integrate Nocoly HAP’s powerful applications directly into their platforms, ensuring a cohesive user journey.

  • Technical Collaboration

    Nocoly HAP streamlines user access and data management by implementing single sign-on for seamless application login, synchronizing address book data for up-to-date information, and incorporating pre-integration of business APIs. These features simplify the user experience and application development, making Nocoly HAP a unified platform for digital innovation.

  • Commercial Discounts

    Nocoly HAP is committed to enhancing the business advantages of partners, offering commercial discounts on product subscription and licenses for all partners. We ensure that the discount system is fair, and partners can obtain additional discounts through Pre Pay Plan.

Partner Profile

    • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

      Deliver customized or extended solutions, reducing fufillment costs while boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    • Consulting Firms

      Not only providing consulting deliveries, but also implement it as a software solution with HAP.

    • Industry Leading Enterprises

      Use Nocoly HAP to build lighthouse vertical solutions that is benefiting their supplier chain.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do partners need to have specific technical capabilities?
    Due to the significant no-code implementation feature of the HAP product, partners do not need to rely heavily on software development capabilities. However, technical abilities in application implementation, integration, and system maintenance will help partners serve their customers more effectively.
  • What types of training and support does Nocoly HAP provide for partners?
  • What support will partners receive in customer implementation projects?
  • How does Nocoly HAP ensure the interests of partners?
  • What is Nocoly HAP’s commercial discount policy?
  • Is it possible for partners to tweak HAP?

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