nocoly is a style.

Start Simple, Sophisticated Eventually

Nocoly is founded by a bunch of enterprise software industry veterans, who believe many of the industry’s problems need to be addressed by different ways.

* DevOps is getting extremely expensive for both ISVs and end customers.

* Enterprise suite apps are too complicated to implement in many occasions.

* The people who has the business know how and the people who can develop apps are always departed.

Nocoly’s flagship product, Hyper Application Platform (HAP) is a response for all above challenges. It starts from a No Code application building approach, and expand its capability by adding Hyper Automation and Integration features. This versatility makes HAP a handy tool when solve variety of digital management problems.

With Cloud Native architecture, HAP is so easy to be installed on customer’s own cloud. On Premise is not expensive any more. You can even get a buy-out pricing option to dramatically reduce your IT spending and subscription burden.

Also, our production innovation optimizes business model. VAR partners can participate into HAP’s ecosystem to build their own vertical solutions and achieve much higher return on investment.

There are still many heavy and expensive stuff in enterprise digitization domain, such as big data, internet of things, analytics and AIGC implementation. Nocoly’s mission is to make more of them noco-ly.

Our product is already in many clouds worldwide. Getting HAP up and run is easy and quick. Jump to our SaaS signup or install on your own server can be minutes away. Begin your HAP story today.

Power House of Applications

Start your no-code journey with a free trial of Nocoly HAP today.