Hyper Application Platform

Enable your team to build and Integrate apps in hours.


No Code!

Simple Building Blocks

Worksheet, View, Chart, Page, Workflow, Role and Portal


Build packaged business process without coding, reusable in the organization. API interface provided by default, enable integration with 3rd party applications.

Common Use Scenarios

Core business app, dashboard, departmental, automation and mobile.

Multiple Platform Experience

Responsive for desktop and mobile, provide native mobile apps.

Hyper Automation

Use Workflow as the automation foundation

Triggered by data change, time, people change andexternal data push

Integrating with 3rd parties

Use pre-integrated API to do things like text/image recognition and RPA agents dispatch

Custom actions with code blocks

Use Python or Javascript to build custom actions, extending capability by professional programmers


API Library

Provide hundreds of popular application and service APIs integration presets.

Custom API Connection

Support custom connection with any APIs. Authorize calling by different apps without coding.

Data Integration

Support bi-directional data synchronization between 27+ mainstream database, with the transformation support by visual ETL

Cloud Native

Install via Container

Supports Docker Compose and Kubernetes, install by a single command line.

Cluster Deployment and H.A.

Provide multiple tiered cluster deployment, supporting horizontal extension, health check and high availability.

Free Community License

Provide free permanent community license for <30 users.

Plug-in Architecture

Rich Plug-in Types

Custom View, Control, Workflow Actions, App Themes, Page Components, API Connections and Data Integration Connectors.

Friendly Development Approach

Web IDE, Local Dev or online configuration, enabling all users to participate plug-in development

Extension for Programmers

Provide JSSDK for professional programmers Add custom function on form data computation. Use JS and Python supported code blocks in workflow.


Interchangeability of App and Plug-in

The apps and plugins created by users can be interchanged with other tenants.


To promote the exchange of apps and plugins and make developers profitable

Partner Network

Owns the most flourish business ecosystem. The regional and vertical partners created various of solutions.

Product Ecosystem

Pre-integrate with complementary products. Provide seamless and cost efficient combinations.

Security Boost

Impeccable Quality and Safety Process

Qualified for ISO27001, 9001, CCP Level 3, CMMI3. Thorough and continuous baseline inspection, vulnerability scanning and penetration test by multiple cloud companies 

Omni Security Design

Support multiple SSO protocol, multi factor authentication, custom password rules, secondary verification options, watermarking, data fields encryption, data masking display, auditing trailing, and RBAC design.

Power House of Applications

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